User Experience can make or break your website

Each time a customer left your site without finishing a purchase, they went and bought it from your competition.

Bad user experience not only costs you sales, it gives sales to your competition. The customer still needs to buy X, they're just not going to buy it from you

Bad UX= unhappy customers

Your Customers Matter

Traditional marketing says that the longer you keep a customer in your store, the more likely they are to buy something. This is the opposite in e-marketing. Customers buy on the internet for speed and convenience

If you don't make it easy on them to find what they need, they vote with their back button

And they have no hesitation to do it!

The Customers do not owe you their time!!

Who is your website designed for?

The agency designs the website for their client. It's in their interest to finish it fast and get paid, and it's in their interest for the client to like it.

The client wants the website to showcase their business and make it feel good about what they do

And none of them think about what the customer actually needs.

MousePress - a CMS written with the end user in mind

The user friendly backend interface will allow you to configure and deploy your content with ease, without the complexities of Wordpress and Drupal. Like with all our products, you will not need specialised developers to deploy and maintain it.

MousePress specializes in delivering personalized content for your registered users, while providing a top class display for all visitors. Make e-marketing a breeze with content tailored for each specific category of registered users, which will save the time for both your staff and your visitors. Nobody likes to sift through countless pages to find what matches their interests.

Customised content helps your users find just what they’re interested in, and will significantly increase your conversion and return rates. Your users will know their specific interests are catered to without wasting their time, and in today’s competitive market that can make a huge difference.

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